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EDDL 5141 Week 12 – Final Blog: Top 8 Takeaways

I want to express my gratitude for such an enriching course experience. Throughout it, I’ve gained valuable insights and acquired a plethora of strategies to integrate into my future online classrooms. I have prepared a short video (6 minutes) that outline my top 8 takeaways. Throughout the duration of the course, I have been continuously inspired and motivated by the valuable insights shared and the engaging discussions that ensued. Each interaction has contributed significantly to my professional growth and development.


  1. mharrison

    Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for this fantastic final post and reflection on the course. It was so great to see what elements really stood for you – be it the COI or FINK (for the planning), or the focus on the people, connections and purposeful planning that is needed to create the spaces to allow for those people to make meaningful connections. I appreciated that you highlighted the importance of analyzing the situational factors – being able to be flexible and respond to what the student needs are is such a big challenge in online learning – so being mindful at the beginning is so important. But also building in that flexibility so participants can shape their experiences is so important. It sounds like you have some great takeaways for your own online teaching practice – and a refined philosophy as well! All the best in your future teaching and learning journeys!

    • hwinsnes

      I appreciate everything you’ve done this term! Your exemplary use of the tools we’ve studied has been incredibly helpful. I’ll certainly be implementing many of these strategies in my own practice. Moreover, you’ve provided a valuable toolbox that I’ll continue to revisit as I further develop as an online instructor. Thank you once again!

  2. vsidhu

    Wow, I didn’t realize how many similarities we had! Your discussion on purpose is so important and valuable to education. I loved the creativity you put into this reflection 🙂

  3. Debra Jordan

    Thanks for your reflective thoughts. Your thoughts on the COI resonate with me! It is so important not to feel alone when working on virtual courses. Feeling connected and like we have a sense of belonging drives engagement, motivates, and supports learning. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences.

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